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Strategy and Planning

You have a vision for your company’s digital evolution but not the path forward. We help translate broad transformation goals into focused actionable strategies.

Research & Insights

Your transformation journey needs direction. We uncover galvanizing insights to guide your path, by analyzing relevant trends and forecasts, competitive and comparative positioning, and qualitative customer research.

Customer Experience Strategy

We help you create a vision of your customers’ end-to-end experience, define core principles to drive that vision, and provide a framework for designing experiences that make your vision real. We also help you evangelize and execute your customer experience strategy.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation is an overused term for a reason. It’s badly needed. We run visioning programs that introduce methodologies, help you identify new opportunities, and strengthen your value proposition. These multi-week initiatives result in actionable, forward-thinking strategies, as well as frameworks for replication across your company.


Projects and Pilots

Getting your transformation programs off the ground with the right support and momentum is critical. We bring the experience and expertise to help you start with the right projects, pilots and process changes. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your teams to ensure success at the project level and a successful enhancement of skills and processes internally.

End-to-End Design

Design is our heritage. We have been designing digital products, services, and websites since the Internet became a visual medium in the early 1990s. From mobile apps to service experiences to new digital products and businesses,  we bring world-class design talent, diverse methodologies, and deep design experience to your team.

Pilot Projects

We help you build the internal capabilities and experience you need to succeed by co-working with your teams on strategic, pilot projects. We introduce transformational, customer-first methodologies, frameworks and tools to your team by leading the design of a product, service or website. By participating in pilot projects, your teams will learn how to incorporate personas, customer journeys, user research, and more into the product development cycle.


Scale and Optimize

Ultimately, you need to weave this new way of working and innovating into every aspect of your business. We help you develop the platforms and programs that will empower you to continue building your new-found muscle at scale.

Design System Development

We help build your Design System - choose the right tools for your organization, define all of the design patterns and rules, and roll it out to your team. From standardizing, organizing and optimizing your existing design patterns, to developing a completely new set of patterns, to helping your design and development teams implement and work effectively with a Design System, we’ll get you on the right path forward.

Training Programs

We make sure your teams have the knowledge, skills, and alignment to build upon the success of their pilots. We provide materials, lead workshops and train your trainers to ensure that your teams can incorporate customer journey transformation methodologies into their processes throughout your organization. We can help you design and roll out Design Thinking programs and collaborate with Human Resources to build a comprehensive, enterprise-wide program.

Team and Process Consulting

We provide consulting on many digital transformation-related topics including:

  • Building an effective design team. We can help structure your team, upskill your team and define roles to be hired.
  • Creating collaborative, effective, customer-focused project/product teams.
  • Engaging support teams, from finance to legal to risk, in your transformation vision, turning them into active advocates.

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